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Nature vs. Technology

This clash of the Titans, that goes back to the earliest of my paintings, has been at the forefront of my parade. This is what led me to paint from my very beginning. Growing up in Los Angeles, with the cold dark grey concrete freeways & soot polluted skies. It has kept me keen to my direction today, as well as all the days, since the day I touched a brush. It is all that really define us, as a so-called civilization. Or what I believe otherwise, that I have been on a hunt for (civilization), since the day I began this journey. Not yet finding, after traveling all over the World. Only to realize, that we are all living in a Matrix. A Cloud Atlas kind of being. With most of us, users liking to the simplest of terms as, “Ignorance is bliss.” That may sound somewhat despotic, dark, or grim. Yet it is only what I see, through the eyes of an Artist, that I might judge our hope, our well-being, or lack there of. While so many of us cling to our tech, our games, & pre-occupations. I have never let that get in my way. Not family, friends, or any other obstacles. I am cold that way. Dark like the city I came from. Determined to detail our outcome, & our fate.

God help us all. Nature has falling to technology. You would have to be a blind Man, not to see this. Our minds & bodies are owned by pharmaceutical companies. Freedom is only an illusion. One, that you have to fight for, in order to be real. With every ounce of time, sweat, tears, & blood. Keeping it close. Making it real.

Finding a lover, a mate, someone like-minded, that you may pour all of your secrets into. Whispering all of your visions into her ear. Then in the dark of night, transforming all those fears onto a blank, & un-suspecting canvas. Waylaying that empty surface with all of your rage, until there is not a single empty space, where you have not left your mark. That you have not utterly destroyed. Making it yours, Un-copyable, & never before produced. That, to me, means Maximalism. The un-daunting truth of our predicament. Our utterly contorted religious yoga position.

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