ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Introduction. Chapter 10.


A pioneering artist possesses an authentic direction that stands apart from social programming. Creators are willing to challenge the grip of the matrix, be individuals, and think for themselves. How far are you willing to go to get your point across? The range in which you venture into your outlying worldview will define the distance your creations provide to their usefulness. Range in a painting is defined by the question, has anybody ever seen a work of this magnitude? Are you a typical regurgitation of the hive mind to which most beings are attached? Any creator can paint a pretty picture and compose a brilliant portrait, but what is not being put forth beyond that speaks of one’s ability to move the viewer into an alternative universe. This place no one has gone to before. Exploring new frontiers, asking, and defining the consequential unpalatable questions few dare to examine. An individual’s autonomy may also measure the range of an artist. The ability to stand alone. Singular in a foreign voice, unpredictable and unaware of the expectations on the plantations of conformity. Without any care and to the contrary.

In the cities, individuals are redefined to obey. To tow the lines of the underlying. Lines like racism, Trump is a Nazi, I got my covid vaccine, I paid my taxes, I’m woke, I identify as …. Slave, serf, subject, or villain—all part of a cast of characters. Follow your script and the lines you are taught. Today the programming will show you step 1, and the media will demonstrate step 2. If you could have a single original thought in your mind after this torrent of illogic, it would be a miracle. The cities breed users and gangs. Performing entertainment, they are charged too daily. I am waiting for the bulletin from the state to your directions and mazing for their daily rations of fish instead of learning how to fish. I have no patience for dominion. I spare no time for the ideology of minions on their principles. They practice the art of following—deceit to hold you inside of bondage and fear. Vessels remove the most crucial instrument away from your studies—Time. Time is the device city dwellers use to attach themselves to hyperbolic groupthink. A velodrome for the mind. They make it a dangerous and painful punishment for an individual to move outside the pack. Time is the excuse many creators use to subjugate their work to the status quo. It is the exact measurement that has left handwriting alone in the dungeons of history. Absent of any visitors or relatives to admire. I will use my time to communicate my estimations. We, men, used to have gusto, toting words like a rebel, and now kneel to pronouns. They are bending your will, making you submit to their new religion.

Witness the range of the unashamed. Of a man not contained by their vortex. No teacher, no government, nor mob or gang can control. I identify as one of another mind. Do not be confused to think that having a true range acknowledges 56 or 72 genders. There are only 2. The range is taking the God-giving rights and tools to make of it what you will. An authentic creator needs no acknowledgment. As an analogy, a famous chef does not ask what the public wants for dinner. When you are a master at what you do, you cook, and they eat. It is as simple as that. If you have no imagination for your job, you are in the wrong industry. Maybe in the wrong geography? If your public does not witness and respect the food you create, you find your followers wherever they may be—making your relationship with your people and God. Nurturing partnerships that allow you to develop your creations is not always possible when toiling a 40-hour workweek in a field unrelated to your craft. This is their goal to lure you into their city.

To shape your mind. To tell you that your creations are not valid. Because that is their game, your cooking is unacceptable, but you can mow the lawn. Do the laundry, and drive a car. Bow and be paid, relinquishing your pursuit to cook or paint. City dwellers are told what to think, so how could they ever understand originality? How would they know religion when they see it? I lived in the top 3 American cities and got out. Now I paint and write without a single care about what people think. This is the beginning of genuine art. Cater to no man. Never underestimate the power of God in a man’s hand.

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