ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 10.

How Far Are YOu willing To GO?

What are relationships and friends to a visionary? Well, I hope you know where I’m going with this now. Let’s ask the obvious question since I see everything inverted. As an artist, I have trained my mind as such. What are the obligations of a world government that collects tax dollars to fund wars, private armies, and banks to kill and enslave its people? What are the consequences of a nation that poisons its people to gain power, coin, or rank? What are the relationships with leaders who don’t lead but pillage? When you are in a relationship with a visionary, be prepared to ask yourself many of these questions first, and if you even must ask them, your relationship may already be flawed. You may not separate a visionary from his field of battle. If you are not a soldier, to begin with, or a nurse or doctor who sews up wounds, do not associate with a man ready to do battle with any force of nature.  

Don’t comply. There is no distance a man with no fear is willing to travel to acquire his finished creation. Similar to a woman with a child. Do not get in the way. You will not win. When a home, family, friends, pleasantries, fame, or comfort does not compute. This man will be one with his art. You either know this from the start or do not get involved. Be ready to close shop, move and grow with the battle and where it goes next. Don’t ever be under the illusion that it is not a battle but a choice. An artist has no choice. As a fish swims in water, an artist breathes in chaos. Conjures new and amazingly deliberate ways to relinquish a vision of what will come next. If you don’t have the stomach to witness, or cannot dream of being a spectacle, too, then you are in the wrong place thinking you have some relationship with an artist.

Know what to do. What you want. Artists like meat off the bone, fruit from the tree, vegetables fresh from the garden, and milk from the cow. We love to camp, hike, explore, travel, land and sea to witness new sunsets—fires on the beach, and the sounds of pounding waves. We love the storm, the thrill of fear. Natures wrath. God’s justice. We shed no tears for Mother Earths’ revenge. We love God and all the riotousness that will be brought forth. The floods, fires, lightning, and all disturbances. When you have respect for the hand of man, you do with the knowledge of God’s incredible abilities. With foresight. We both take action.

What Are You Willing To SACRIFICE?

Have the understanding and willingness to sacrifice everything necessary to become autonomous? So many people have the wrong idea and motivations as to why they strive to become an artist. The attraction of money, fame, or stature has little relevance to the purpose of man and what he was put on this planet to achieve. Before you enter this arena, know that there is no promise of return, no guarantee of any form of appreciation. What is a man’s worth? Is it his word, actions, or honor? Is it labor, looks, or performance? Offspring or obedience? Could it be the products or inventions he is capable of producing? What is left to view when that man steps aside? Is it out of the picture, off the stage? What speaks for that man if his work is abstract? How does the audience or follower receive his instruction or lessons? Without being literal, in literature, or descriptive? How is his lineage left to achieve that same direction? Do you see how the abstract is nothing more than a perversion of history? A way to mislead the young away from the instructions of life sustainability. True art is both culture and history. Abstract art is a system of dissolving history into theoretical witchcraft, replacing gods’ teachings with evolution for future generations.

Answers to the keys to humanity and accurate histories are found in ancient artifacts. Many of these are intentionally being destroyed or hidden from the public’s eyes. But don’t worry, and they are being replaced with Hollywood. With movies like Indiana Jones and Robin Hood. This worldview we live in today and think we know is all but perverted. What many believe to be fantasy is accurate, and while facts put forth in the headlines are so misleading, we might as well all wake up to the fact that we have become batteries for their Ai. There is no easy way to explain that practically every history you have been told or read is a fabrication. Look at 911. Most scientists or artists can see that this action was a controlled demolition. Anyone who believes that some middle eastern terrorist had anything to do with this event has their head so far removed from their spirit you might as well submit to your television and continue to obey. Our government, your government, and the world governments are all paid to perform. This has become crystal clear recently. Today we have been left with very few authentic cultures remaining. What has replaced them are co-conspirators.

1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour:”

What are accurate histories? I will not write to you and claim to know all the facts of history. I am only one man on a path to enlightenment, and I can state clearly that I know a lie when I see one. The rest is up to the individual for research and understanding. I scour information and research every possible avenue of data to achieve what I believe to be the truth. I suggest nothing more than this for you. You must make your own decision as to what is truth, fact, and a correct representation of man and our existence.


Where are the valuable books, and leaders? What path does one choose to enlightenment? Repeating that my mind always sees divergent thoughts. I look at the contrast of everything to understand. What is not the direction to travel by an institution? There are very few degrees of education leading to intelligence. Most studies in college or higher education only leave one more ignorant. We are trained and subdued by indoctrination. The more training you have, the more you perform like a circus animal. Are you a robot or a trained seal? Pardon my directness. The truth hurts, and no one wants to admit that the more educated we pretend to be, the dirtier our streets get, the more decrepit our roads become, the more corrupt our governments are, and the more dreadful our diets and religions are. Who will say what good is all this doing? Where are our food pyramid charts for the masses? Where did religion, civics, and morals go in school? Was it always this way where you pay an institution sum of money large enough to purchase a home, then when you are done, you do not have employment? Who in the hell thought up this brilliant scam? To know criminals, you must think like a criminal. I read books like Bobby E. Wright’s: The Psychopathic Racial Personality and Iceberg Slim’s: Pimp. If you want to become a gangster, read up on all the Democrats. Most of them have such sordid backgrounds and are so compromised that they are precisely where they belong. Among like-minded criminals. Then again, all politicians. The left is dangerous.

Answers to your questions. What do I do to gain peace? This is a time to think of life. Life is a state of mind. Develop alone time. Remove all digital media and surveillance. Meet your soul. Nurture the seasons. Create your well-being like Being There. Simplicity removes all distractions. Complicating life only leads to sadness, misery, regret, and pain. I went over many autonomous tactics in the previous chapters. The one element that always comes to mind is an inspiration. Though how can you be inspired by people who are trained to deceive? The only solution to this is a grand library. I am going back to the source. Homers: Iliad is a book I will soon pick up. For me, freedom (this elusive term) is all about war. It is all about where I live now. Where we came from and who we will become. I don’t have the luxury to speak for anyone but myself, so I can only do me. Improve me. I research and learn the lessons that apply to my time.  

Videos, biographies, and inspirations. I recently researched movies regarding the Crusades. Starting with I-tunes, I was not shocked to discover only two movies: Robin Hood and King Richard and the Crusaders. What garbage we have as an educated population. So, as I do, never stop at barricades. I went and did a deep dive. Never go to Wikipedia or Google if you want the truth. I searched on the Brave browser and found these options in about two hours. Cross-checking several sources and reviews of the movies. Now, I know that a movie is not natural history. It is just a medium I prefer because it has images and tells a story with pictures. Of course, books will give you a much deeper picture.

Assuming they are old enough to be written by a thorough first-hand source. The reason I am explaining all this to you is that I believe that we are going through a similar Crusade now. To destroy the last remaining Christian Empire. Without us even knowing it. Russia. Always remember to look at the contrary of everything they are telling you. There is no democracy without a suitable choice, which we do not own. There is no freedom without the ability to travel and move with the ease of choice (to inject venom or not). Hope and peace are an illusion. You will fight for whatever reality you can achieve. That is not freedom but free will.

Here are the movies on the Crusades that I uncovered. I am noting that, again, this is not history. This is what they are giving us as history. I will watch all these, then go to the books, uncover the lies sold, and follow with a spectacle of paintings on the subject. That is what I do. That is what I was put here for. Nothing can stop what cannot be stopped.

1935The Crusades
1938Alexander Nevsky
1954King Richard and the Crusaders
1957The Seventh Seal
1957A Dangerous Man
1961El Cid
1963Saladin and the Great Crusades
1968Valley of the Bees
1968Gates to Paradise
1970Brancaleone at the Crusades
1976Robin and Marian
1983Hearts and Armour
1990The Crown of Fire
1991Robin Hood Prince of Theives
1996The Bruce
1997Eye of the Eagle
1997Byzantium: The Lost Empire
2001Salah Al-Deen Ai-Ayyobi
2002Warrior Angels
2005Al-Zahir Bibars
2005Kingdom of Heaven (Directors Cut)
2006The Lost Treasure of the Knight Templar
2007Graveyard of the Dead
2007The Knight Templar
20071612 Chronicles of Dark Time
2007Arn: The knight Templar
2008Arn: The Kingdom at Roads End
2009Valhalla Rising
2009The Battle for Middle Earth
2010Robin Hood
2010Arn: The knight Templar
2010Dante’s Inferno
2011Iron Clad
2011Season of the Witch
2011Captin Thunder
2014Richard the LionHeart
2015Last Knight
2018The Pagan King
2020Warrior Nun

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