ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Introduction. Chapter 9.


Shaping the narrative

The best art makes you a little uncomfortable. Challenges you more. It doesn’t come that far to meet the viewer. The established taste of the moment exhausts pop art. Almost knowingly comes more than halfway to meeting your agreement. When art makes the scene too fast, it becomes minor. Artwork breaking all forms of indoctrination will play a decisive role in shaping what is yet to unfold. The direct and deliberate artist will find a place in our world today, which is rife with obscurity and deception. Honestly, descriptive works will gain a foothold in the days ahead. A truth-teller will discover a greater appreciation in a world so ripe with lies. People thirst for a vision of our future. But first, how to create that work?

Most of this book details the definition of art, or rather arts nuance. In this tone chapter, I will speak about the instrument in the destruction of not just art but our human souls. What drives us all to imagine we are artists? Our quest to achieve this title all revolves around the definition of money. What do we do to acquire it, what do we sell to earn it, and what do we sacrifice to accumulate it? Money is simply a means of replacing labor, intellect or produce. It replaces the will of man’s necessity. Just as technology is a means to supplement work again, it goes back to its beginnings. Whether we fish or wage money for fish. All this relates to the tone of man and the artwork man was born to reveal.

What have we all been reduced to? Selling our soul, body, and family? Our country and the world. It is all for sale. Do you see now why the Native Americans had to go? When they knew and lived by the tradition that “Property is theft.” Just as soon as this money and property were created, so was the dismantling of the community and every living being within it. If you follow the logic of this, it begins the removal of every individual in an active community. You are left with both slavery and theft. Killing and bondage. Prostitution and gambling with the lives of man. The ownership of both man and property is the same. No one can separate the two. The only item left is the myth that you may have the power to own your neighbor. Then the circle begins—the taking from another instead of refining your inherent abilities to fulfill your reason for being. What tone do you proclaim as an artist? This is what I will be introducing in chapter 9.

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