ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 8.


How do you make art better? You may only change what you are aware of. Remove false histories by replacing them with accurate information. Representational information. Teachings of our son, who has been demonized because of his true values to man. Acts 7:43 – Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

Take everything you have learned and been entertained and turn it on its head. Think of the opposite of these demonic teachings. Think of what is missing—reading between the lines. Think carefully about what is obscure. Entirely left out and left behind. Think clearly about what they want of you and refuse to give. Walk the other way.

Hollywood wins by making you believe everything they produce has a hint of truth. A message that needs to be told. Instead, you only need to think that their actions misdirect your mind. Teaching you, training you to fear what it is they are saying, rather than you questioning what it is they’re afraid to reveal? What is it they miss? What Questions will never be asked? What is taboo in Hollywood? That is the question and painting you need to produce.

An excellent example of this would be to direct and make a movie with the eye and sword of Quinten Tarantino but with the heart and soul of Ted Kaczynski’s Unabomber manifesto. A Cloud Atlas approach to the re-education of man. We are living inside the structures of a sick society. Where little is healthy, minus the good teachings you secure on the fringes that nourish our bodies and souls outside of the norm.


How do you make yourself better? Prepare for what is coming. Surround yourself with people who are of higher intelligence than you. Who are wiser than you? People who can teach you and who you may learn from. Individuals that will challenge you to excellence. Don’t be led by clones. Ones who follow the tide of others right off a cliff. Sheeple who inject forging substances into their mind and body. Without any clue of the ingredients or the effects, they will have on them.

Be prepared for whatever. Food and water will be highly valued. Communication and prepping. Coordinate with those who matter the most. Do other things in your life that do not require money. Finding like-minded people with these same beliefs will be your saving grace in times to come. Prepare for the inevitable. Find people who grow their organic food. Ones who capture water and filter it for drinking and feeding their garden: farmers, self-sufficient creators, pioneers in new fields of science, energy, and capturing of resources. Sometimes you must explore beyond the area you are most comfortable in to find the right people that complement you and what you’re looking for.

Beware of the internet. Looking someone in the eye and talking in person is the best to establish relationships. Nothing is more accurate than what is in your hands: silver and gold, a natural handshake. Nothing on a screen is real unless it can be verified. Question everything and everyone. Don’t just take things at face value. Do your research. Find the truth for yourself. Genuine people, facts, and the path God has blessed you to walk. Do what it is that is in your soul. Be the best at it. If the ones surrounding you today do not inspire you, move on. The obvious choice is abundantly clear. You know what it is you must do.


How do you make your environment better? Leave, travel, and don’t be afraid not to look back. It would be best if you made every lesson your own. The reason there are options is to choose your preference. You are defining your comfort zone and weaving it into a daily pattern. A practice that soothes your soul and simultaneously translates your vision—delicately mixing the ingredients into a design all your own. A seasoning, smell and taste unique to only you. This is something that does not come easy. But let me tell you, as a creator; it’s a fact. It comes. Permanently, at times when you’re all but extinguished with the eventuality of its arrival. Unaware of its presence. You derive from your habits. Every reflex and routine will define your pattern. Which way is your own? Don’t be stuck into backward ways, stale, and repeating traumas.

It is not only in your physical home which you must leave. Your relaxed state of mind shapes and defines most of us as useless eaters. Break the chains of your bondage. Your mental, physical, & spiritual crutches. Splitting away means distancing yourself from where you were no longer learning—a situation where you no longer feel allegiance. Everything in your life that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and mind must go—replaced with new administrators who will leave you in bliss. Happiness and wishing the next day will come. Because you are having so much fun, you cannot wait to see the fruits from the following day. Upset will be replaced with glee. Sadness now becomes emotions so beautiful they are overwhelming. The work and the process become the position you have always wanted.  

Many elements of life interest me in tackling. They will always be a simple wish if I do not have the time and assets to explore them. Time is so precious that most of us do not have it, mainly because of our choices and paths. The Second is savings, allowing us to take the time and embark on avenues we’ve not yet explored. Recently, I have desired self-efficiency methods such as water capture, gardening, and alternative power sources. This means I don’t need others assistance to survive.

Moreover, some more recent pirate cryptocurrencies, such as Dero and Manero. My wariness about the sustainability of these currencies is set aside for more investigation. These opportunities, though obscure to most, seem to be the most curious theories on my mind to date, next to real money, silver, and gold coins. Metal detecting, treasure hunting, and learning the values of minerals and hidden treasures are soon in my vocabulary. These are all paths I will find my way into. There will be obstacles. However, I will find my way. Nothing can stop a determined person. Uncovering the debris is the only way to get through. That means wiping away the garbage theories, people, news, and fake history that clutter the way. My artwork will only seem obscure if my mind and heart are untrue. Once I have found my tempo, nothing can stop the masses from recognizing the authentic and valuable.

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