ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 7.


Growing up under these conditions in this environment prepared me for what I would later learn, as organized crime exists at all levels of society. I’m lucky I learned young the power it has over this world. In essence, all power is the result of gangs. I see this world through these eyes. Unapologetic about my past mistakes. I was gripping my pen and brush in the agency.

Old dog. That got hold of a bone. I’ll never let go of. Representing man. One man on a mission to learn everything there is to know about my craft. A life sentence, I voluntarily entered. With all the pain and pleasure involved. There are few who can properly describe how an artist makes his name. Laugh. Yes, in the beginning I said it was a name. But soon after I realized it was not a name at all, but talent, will, and established militarized application of paint that is paramount. Name means nothing to a true creator.

An artist looking for their name to be famous. Lacks any form of interest in developing paint instead of press. This was always my beef between graffiti artists and myself. Creators are craftsmen. At the same time, graffiti writers are akin to gallery owners. Only interested in a name. The content of one’s work is secondary.


This is the remedial rigmarole. The simple truth is the only means that matters, which are abilities. I only care to paint, regardless of comments, obstacles, or acquiescence. I have always had the gift of focusing on a project. The larger, the better. More complicated; bring it on. Any material, any location. I learned to evolve this way.

I am now putting all this information and knowledge into my work daily. Paint is my nourishment. My aspirin, my water. Taking it as seriously as I do is the only way to get to the level of detailed perfection I see in masterworks like Dali or Leonardo Da Vinci.

As an artist, I maintain a transparent and open mind. When developing an idea for a painting. I confront my exercise, routines, methodologies, experimenting through trial and error, pushing the medium to the limit—the assortment of various options is limitless within an artwork, which most artists can understand. Think about the dilemma that if surveillance existed within the artwork, why would gatekeepers need to redact? Why would blank canvases exist as art? Which brings one back to the original question that characterizes Fine-Art. A story, or the absence of that story, replaced with a name? The disposal of a story thus can only be defined as histories edited, censored, or selected by a subversive organizations. Being either compromised or implied to what is acceptable for information available to the public, or not.


My work speaks for itself without my name attached to it. Attrition is how I will prevail. Not suffering from representation, but ignorant of illusions out of my control. Keep all focus on my hands, creating the most powerful presentations of life that I can muster. One by one, I will tell the story I was sent here to create. I am sharing my visions with all.

I sacrifice everything to see clearly. Like a ring bearer destine to solitude. Know what you’re doing before you enter this game. The largest game of them all. The narrative writers, history writers, image creators. For events both past and future. What your allowed to see, hear, smell and taste is for some bliss. For me, it was never an option. I ruled by default in the minority. The 10% will never relinquish these games. The games of the players, leaders, gangs, and unknown. The invisible rule makers of the World. The Architects of Babylon.

The Global Web is now in my sights, to intelligently share my physical works with you. To show you a world without sin. Where creativity will reign over man’s inclination to kill ideas and the passion of man, love will rule, Afterall.  

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