ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Introduction. Chapter 5.

"Why We Love America" 2005 36"x36" oil on canvas


I can only surmise that histories stories, narratives, and most teachings are all false. For decades I was under the illusion that information and entertainment had a hint of value and admirability to it. Today is the year 2023, January 29. I am no longer under this hallucination. After decades of indoctrination, we as people have been feed deceit to put us into this box. A path intentionally composed for us to be right where we are. A design, where civil society is no more, a place to flourish. Where values of family are destroyed. Supply chains and resources compromised. A threat of war perpetually looming, for weapon manufacturers to thrive. While cohesion as a people is frayed into fractures of race, gender, and a new modern-day civil warfare. All by coercion. Every one of us, pitted against one another to achieve these directives from invisible rulers. Foreign invaders, a banking system that is not even of our own country (central bank). All to achieve a plan for these wealthy oligarchs to sit atop a throne and preach to all, a new religion. A climate changing pronoun religion. One that all the World must suffer, bend the knee, and submit to. Not one vote, no consent, simply decided for us all. An illusion of freedom and history simultaneously eliminated. This is the composition of our fate. A poignant display of our new constitution.

Therefore, I can only imagine that all race wars are fake. Holocaust a lie. The moon landing a hoax. Just as 9/11. All prominent and highly recorded events, all paid for, manufactured. Like a Disney programs. All made for kids. Made for consumption. All to direct us to this point. All a part of a composition to make us perform figure eights in an ice-skating rink, like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere. All made to guide us to this point. When all the recent lies come out, more people will see this to be the reality. When a spouse is lied to, when you have been unfaithful to your lover. How can you expect anything from that point on to be true. Do you see the parallel here?  Do you see the logic in this. Once you realize, all this jab nonsense is nothing more than a fabrication, you will come to the same conclusion. It was all a lie. Even the lies that led us here.

I have composed my life as a painter. I control the audiences’ eyes across my canvas surface. I create a eyes path just as the ice-skating analogy I mentioned previously. This is the art of intention. I know all too well how to keep the viewer engaged. Just as Hollywood keeps you into their storyline. It is not science-fiction. It is by design that a creator knows these tools. They were embedded into every lesson I was taught. That’s why I have seen it so clearly for decades now. It is quite incredible to see the fallout. The shaping of people’s minds over time. People you once knew to be intelligent, bending their knees for this. It’s fantastic. The power of a puzzle maker. The art of a director. What money can buy. How people can be led like sheep to walk together right off a cliff. I never imagined I would see this day. Where all logic evaporates. All for this genius performance. It is quite a miracle to see. To witness a real Holocaust in motion. Where whole societies acquiesce to their own demise. Watching humanity eating itself alive. As clear as day.

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