ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 5.


Growing up in Los Angeles, within proximity to Hollywood was ground zero for my early endocranial training. Living the dream of California beaches was the allure. The movie industry was education. Schools were all part of the plan. Anywhere in California, apart from some technical schools, were all in lockstep to getting the populace in line. Not many people who lack ample time in the west coast realize how abhorrently wild-west this system is with an allure of liberalism, the folly of independence, and the backdrop of gang violence completely dominating the surrounding habitat. The outlier is the equal but ambivalent force of the LAPD. Like the gang presence, civilians at most times were not sure who they served. I have traveled the world and have yet to experience any city as violent as my hometown of Los Angeles. This was my surface arrangement. Unknown to me, I could have never seen where I was until I was long gone from those surroundings after living in several other cities. It took some decades for the latter to become the past. For me to realize what it was, I was living within.

You only need to step away from your present location. As stepping back from your canvas to see where it is your coming from. Most times the horrifying memories from the past confront your existence. One must step out of your comfort zone to see a new light. To see an all-new form of presence. The more I travel, the more well-rounded I become. The more it all comes into perspective. The closer I get to seeing the true surface arrangement of my place in history, my place in writing it. Travel has gotten into my blood. The same as my painting. It all places a tremendous new image inside the windows of my creations. A new light. New darkness. Clarity of both light and darkness I have control of. I know most people (as well as myself) get caught up in life. The responsibility to others, the commitments you make, and decisions taken. All these weights of life contribute to your ability to move away from what is comfy. Most people would not even consider a move. Why? One would say. Not ever seeing where they are. How can you stand so close to the canvas?

My memories are like scrambled eggs, after 4 decades of reading 20 different versions of history. Of why and how and who to blame. I have come up with many solutions. The first being never trust the Government, never trust history, and for God’s sake, never entrust Hollywood. The easiest way to get to the truth is to forget everything you ever learned and start all over. The one story you have never heard, the most unplausible, utterly fantastic, and unrealistic, is most likely the truth. The truths that no one wants to hear. The ones that most get put into jail for or shot. Those are the truths of history that criminals fear most. The criminal enterprises that created all the fake news and histories for that one to become myth. This is where I am at today. Sure of my reality. Well learned of the facts of make-believe, and how they shape entire societies. How they pay the way for the ones who reported these fake stories. All surface designs to make your voice unheard. Making you nameless in their world of fantasy.


What are words and thoughts but others speech and songs. What we eat becomes one within us. Feeding your brain is no different than feeding your stomach or soul. Choose wisely the resources for your sustenance. Keep feeding your body and mind a healthy diet of preciously selective treats. From the people you gather and share with. To the food establishments you cater to. Either you control it, or you will be the product, controlled by outside forces.

Where you’re from, always sets the stage for an individual’s perspective. From that justification, you may only precede to witness what surrounds you. Your perspective from your own surface arrangement. From there you must move away to witness where you stood. Only then will you notice yourself from an outsider’s perspective. Your environment defines you. Until you see yourself from the outside, you will not see who you are. What you are. What your purpose may be. Your environment is also illusive to you when you cannot see your name’s or words’ pronunciation, how you look to others. It can be resolved sometimes by making a video of yourself and watching it. To see how you look from the exterior stands as the simplest way to analyze yourself.

You are a product of your environment, just as your environment is a product of your production. I have seen artists alter entirely and change the community they live inside. Taking one house at a time. One structure at a time and putting this creative flair and mark upon it. Filling that empty and unloved space with unimaginable joy, serving a void with devotion. With creation. Taking a home or building to a whole other level. When you don’t have the resources of an architect or the planning of a housing organization. Sometimes all it takes is a little invention and creativity to bring out the soul in a home or community. It only takes an effort to move in another direction. Another environment. Pronouncing it differently.


Removing negativity should be your number one concern. Weather it is your food, information, landscape, or people surrounding you. You must remove all the dogma, all contamination. By all means necessary. Getting rid of all the pollutants in your life. It is my belief that is the only way to finding peace. Finding what it is your doing. Doing it with passion, and patience, with peace of mind. Accomplishing your goals with likeminded individuals to support you. If you cannot find those people, do it alone. Doing it with people who cannot help you will only make your destination more obscure.

You need to acquire a peace within yourself to translate your beauty onto the World. Without you being on tack, you are no good to others around you. Take proportional steps to achieve your direction. Step by step lead yourself to the place where you anticipate being most productive. Make small then larger goals and set them one by one. Achieve your direction. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Be proportional, but also be resolute. Define your character, your presence, your reality. Only this will make a genuine creator. Unique from everyone else.

Once you set the stage, you are ready for production. I have found a place for my work today, like no place I have ever journeyed to. Exists in an area of peace and opportunity. Where I have calm and passionate resolve. I create effortlessly and effectively and love every moment of the process. It has never been easy. However, I do not ever remember a time when it was this satisfying. It’s because I’m at peace with myself. I have found my place. My chi. I have nothing else to look for that I do not control the outcome of. It is all within my powers, within my hand control. I have found where I am, one with the writing and God. I’m one of many. It is so difficult to describe. The best way to put it is that I have a quiet inside of me that has never been so at ease. My work speaks of it. It comes through my writing and painting. Now it is all out there for you to see and judge yourselves. To see what it is I am speaking about. A while back, I said that I have no control over what happens to my work. It is the viewer that makes it real. He or she can share it and speak about it. Making it the story. History is revealed and part of the conversation of our time. Without you, I am only the extension of God’s hand. You are the ones who must believe now. It is out of my hands. In yours now. Thank you for being a part of what I’ve created.

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