ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Introduction. Chapter 4.


Think of the World of color as if it’s a globe or planet. Though the equator is not static at the halfway point. Somewhere near that rotation line of that equator, the major colors fall either higher or lower than that natural line, to find their pure hue. Then imagine the sun only lights up the top of the Globe. This is how color is structured. Where all colors illuminated by the sun, or the tone White, are all on the top half. All the colors south of the equator are shadowed, muted, or hued down with black, eventually making them (almost) the same color towards the South pole. Like the top of the globe illuminated with light. The North pole is naturally White, or the highest reflection of the sun. The South pole is pure black. This is the easiest way to understand the World of color.

Another element to color is the races of Man. Each geography producing uniquely shaded individuals depending on their exposure to the sun. Each race having a unique way of dealing with this powerful miracle, this dangerous illuminating object. A miracle that heals us, grows food, medicine, and keeps us warm. The sun provides us our meaning of life and energy. The sun is also a metaphor for the son of man, God. Which from my estimation is just one of the reasons the deep state is attempting to block out that sun. Through geo-engineering, cloud seeding, or what they call chem-trails. You cannot talk about the sun, the light or illumination without tying it to our meaning here on Earth. Our rules of engagement, our character, or the teachings of God.

The earliest of paintings here on Earth were mostly religious. Defining the disciples of our once prominent religions. Today these images are being wiped away from history. Removed from our past through the editing of the narrative. A burning of, or simply the removal of books through our most powerful institutions. With the help of a gargantuan global player of this game named Amazon. Amazon is removing your colors. They are re-writing your history. This is all by design. The same way the media invents color or race wars, that never existed. Not the way they portray. Their goal is to distract you away from the fact that they will only win with every people fighting each other. Every neighbor and friend at odds with themselves. Their goal is as simple as time and color. Divide and conquer. Don’t allow you to see the true colors of the World.

As narratives are written, so do the seeds of deception reveal the fractures of society. My lineage is African, Native American, and White. It took me many decades to realize the true enemy was not the people around me. No, it is not the White man, nor America. It is deception. It is the global financial system. Woke cities pushing these fake histories. It is corruption at its core. The lie of slavery made to be black and white. The lie of the Holocaust made to be Jew vs. anti-semitic. All lies are perpetrated to hide the fact that the true histories must be removed to keep people at each other’s throats. Keep us all in fear of ourselves instead of the ones who are controlling us. Paying us. Entertaining us all through the media. The Civil war was fought for economic corruption from the North. The Holocaust was created to hide the collaboration by Hitler & the wealthy to establish lands and trade into another mans land. The facts are all there for anyone to understand. Though they live not nearly as illuminated as the jumbo-Tron TV projecting your given history. Their lies. Your manufactured consent of light into you, so that all you want to do is fight your brother. Disown yourself from your family. Pit yourself from all other races of people who are all the same blood. The only difference being your geography from the sun. An illusionary line in the sand. The privilege of property. Or the contract that allows them to take it. It’s as simple as the king in the castle keeping all the surfs, simps, or punk citizens out of their slave-built homes. They didn’t build it, that’s for dam sure. You built it, you were paid, or forced. Now you watch them live in luxury while they say to you to stay beyond the castle walls. Watch them as they write the rules for you. Watch them in their illumination. In their light. In their glowing gowned luminous colors.

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