ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 3.


Oil painting is my medium of choice. There is no limit to what you can do with oil paint and a trained hand. There are two basic components involved in oil painting. Linseed oil and turpentine. Linseed oil dries slow and leaves a glossy finish. Turpentine dries quickly and leaves a flat sheen. An even mixture of the two gives you a perfect painting medium for thinning the paint. For lower (early) levels of the painting I tend to use mostly turpentine. As I get closer to the upper (final) stages of the painting I will use more linseed oil alone (from a well) and a mixture of the medium of both substances. This will allow you to control the sheen levels of the painting.

If for example I want to portrait an ocean and want it to look like water. The base and mid coats will be done with mostly turp. (turpentine), while the latter coats will get a large percentage (50/50) paint and linseed oil. In some instances, I will use only 20/80% of paint to linseed oil mixtures. To create a wash (translucent) coat of blue that will give a high gloss shine to represent the wet water. Note, that this type of mixture will take a very long time to dry. I have had paintings with this type of finish feel tacky many years later. Like I said, linseed oil does not like to dry fast. It is always prudent to add a little turp. (or a dryer) to the mixture to enable proper drying.

Oil painting is a very expensive pursuit. Besides a very good – medium to high-grade oil paint, you will need to have a proper canvas prepared. Canvases are recommended because they are lighter for transport and can be rolled up when necessary. Use a good canvas, and properly prepare the canvas with a few good coats of primer. This will prevent your very expensive oil paint from seeping into the substrate. Another way you can save on costs (for beginner painters) is to use student-grade paints for the undercoats and drawings. Then save your costly high-grade material for the top and finish coats. The chemical aspects to oil painting are my favorite part. The only problem is when I go into a real art store, I cannot leave without spending up to $500. Ouch, many would say. I have been doing this for almost 40 years. You get used to it. Good paint is no different from a good pair of clothes for a fashion designer. You must pay to play.


There are only 3 colors in the entire World of color. Along with 2 tones, black and white. More of this will be described in the chapter – “The World of Color”, as well as – The “Tone” and “Range” chapters. When you look at the globe of the color wheel, the top half (above the equator) is illuminated by light or White paint. The bottom half is softened and fading into the shadows of Black. Besides the color itself being radiated by the white color mixture; you have in the features of paintings – a light source. Which illuminates every element of your subject on your canvas, the light exposure.

Light defines your form. It shows the daylight, light source, and details of key images in your painting. Light can also be a part of your painting that represents God (religious paintings), a light source for the darkness. There are many ways to explain and represent light in a painting. To expose and define, to bring light to a subject, and sometimes even to counteract the darkness. Phosphorus is defined as the bearer of light. Though it was also the name Satan was translated from, derived from the first and original bible. In the original (Aramaic) bible “Satan” was described with the name Phosphorus. Only after the bible was translated into Hebrew was he then defined by the name Satan. So, the word Satan did not exist before the Hebrew bible, to my understanding. Why was “The bearer of light” translated into the being “Satan”? I’d really like to know. If you have thoughts on this subject, please leave a comment below. I’d be interested in creating a series of paintings on this topic.

I prefer to represent light in the form of exposure. Bringing light to an event. A story or narrative (within the subject matter of the work) that needs looking into, a critical review of a subject. You will learn as you get up in your years as a painter that some imagery, many people do not want to be brought out into the light. There are taboo images and words in this World, many people would like to simply disappear and slip right into the darkness. My best example of this would be that the light of the mainstream media screen is a distraction from the authentic light of the sun and or our God’s words and images. One light is science, the other is Nature and Religion. Understanding whether your light sources are beneficial or dangerous is the only question.


Shadow in Art is dominant in our culture. When dealing with color, you only need a hint of black in order to completely wipe out color. Turning it into darkness. It is quite easy to overpower. The shadow of science is self-evident. We are living inside of darkness. In the West today, God-loving citizens are labeled as insurgents and terrorists. Nationalists or White supremacists. Evil and satanic rituals are commonplace and integrated into this society. Into schools for our children. Sexual perversions rampant in this so-called society. Between robocalls, digital prostitutes, and pronouns, most common citizens do not know which path to avoid Satan.  People have become the raw material. Like in Frankenstein. People are Guinee pigs. What is done and who it is done to all lives within the shadows.

As shadows grow, God is removed from our equation of life. The removal of guard rails, culture, history, and morals are all a path to darkness. Today science is being integrated within the human body without us even knowing. They (devils) are making human beings into cell phones. Trackable, traceable, readable, and controlled by people who take money instead of the light of God. With no thought of light. Darkness infiltrates all characteristics of our World today.

Every distraction. Every fiat dollar, every promise to make us better, healthy, and whole only brings us closer to the gates of hell. God, today (for these people) is the World Economic Forum, led by invisible beings controlling every aspect of Man and creation. Every human on this Earth is subject to being the material for their dark science. Their Frankenstein. We have no option other than light to bring us out of this darkness. Only God can save us now. Only light, and exposure to these satanic demons may bring us back from this place we are now all a party to. If you do not see this, you are already blind to the light. A patron to their darkness. If you are ignorant or blissful, you are already living in the matrix. You are their Frankenstein. Only the knowledge and light of these realities can save you now.

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