ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Introduction. Chapter 2.


To see inside oneself is spirit. Painting is the exploration of spiritual development. Documenting emotions, feelings, & surroundings. The spirit is almost a thing of the past today. While technology seeps into everyone’s lives, we get farther away from the spirit lite that once guided us as humans.

Meditation & painting are kin, bridging one closer to the spirit. Painting is a means to channel that information from you to others for admiration. To understand your history, knowledge, & uniqueness. To cleanse mind & spirit from bad life-lessons debris. Clearing self from surroundings & the physical. Bringing one into peace. Finding your higher calling. God only knows how most people get through life. With so many bad lessons & influences. What is bad is relative, just as what one paints are the same. What subject or lack thereof in a painting reflects your reality, a definition of your completeness of being human. Yet also describes where you grew up (come from).

In the cities, you will see mostly abstract, phycology of the hiding of the spirit. In the country, you will see more appreciation of landscapes, and God’s work. While space or surreal imagery indicates one is closer to the spirit, tapping into another dimension farther from the place where you were born & your comfort zone. Spirit guides you on your journey to the unknown. Religious paintings are also a large part of this field. The religious scenes are akin to space travel. Seizing & translating more than we can touch. Such as with religion or space, journeys into the unknown are the direct link to spirit.

I open an old book to explore unique characters through a story. A World only expressed through words & another’s hand. Reading is like painting, on a spiritual journey. Inside the spirit is virtual sight, feeling, & awareness of the exterior elements that influence us all. This fact could never be hidden. No more than the conundrum of the chicken & egg. Dimensions relative to perspective.

Spirit is nothing more than an antenna. Human beings, besides being 80% water are no more than antennas. Touching & feeling energies all over the universe. There are no crevasses or spaces Man will not go, touch, or explore. Especially the spirit & alien realms of space. We deny no adventure. Understanding the concept of an antenna. How can one receive if someone is not transmitting? Likewise, vice versa.

Today in 2022 we are being made into antennas in an entirely alternative way. A non-human, absent of the spirit way. I’ve always had a sensitivity, a visceral sense of both alien & spirit. I know all too well when someone is awake or asleep. Genuine or absent of spirit. Many have not woken up to this. But today there is something very evil amongst us. Anyone watching the mainstream media is unconscious. Today we are witnessing the implementation of a Global culling. A synthetic biological injection. Without informed consent. A Global cabal is in overdrive to introduce 80% of the World’s population into their matrix. A cerebral attempt to guide the World over an immoral cliff, humans into batteries, the walking dead. Those affected, who do not succumb to the initial merge will perish, while the remaining will be hardwired into the New World Orders system. Having their thoughts, memories, & emotions downloaded into AI servers, the human hosts will become obsolete, discarded, & replaced with robots to serve the elite. This is their new idea of spirit! The spirit of these demonic rulers uses God & human souls as a rug to step on. So, they will have no dissenting voices (or competitors) to interfere with their forum’s depraved rituals.

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