ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 2.


Knowing of Astrology, numerology, moons, & harvests. These traits accentuate life. Operating with likeminded souls makes a journey richer. Understanding astrology alone is instructive in finding the right partner, building during the right time or season to increase productivity, & the knowledge vital in creating.

We were all put here for a reason. A specific purpose. In a particular time & region. That date plus the location of your birth relative to your Astrological chart. Laying out your history from birth to who & what you will become. I always knew I would paint. It was never an option as much as my destiny. Though I did not think myself less the test of time along with the reading of my Astrology chart. As if I was reading about myself through a very conscious lens. Through the ages, these charts track & predict the future from the past. From stars, sun, and planets’ rotations. Shining light or darkness upon us depends on our geography. Where will I go? If there is no guide for my journey? In which way will I plant seeds or germinate ideas?

Look at my astrological chart. Never been show to the public. I have nothing to hide. I’ve had several of these done throughout my life. As well as my palms & handwriting analyzed. I became a firm believer because the writings were true to my form. Not the other way around where my form catered to the details within.

Astrology seems to be a lesson in relativity. You in relation to your birthplace. Your birthdate in relation to the year. You in relation to the Stars. What an amazing thing, to know where we came from. What your weaknesses are & what strengths we hold in relation to the ones around us. If you can learn more about who you are, it makes so much sense that you can clear the path you intend to take to get there. Don’t be alarmed that all this talk seems to merge away from oil painting. All of this is exactly the means of painting. Don’t ever forget that painting requires number one, time, means & methods of production. It is not just about the spirit. But the means in which you can & continue to paint. Inspiration. A painting consists of life’s reflections. The ability to not just create, but to know where the innovation comes from. Who are you to produce it? Why are you producing it? Who gave you the authority to be a writer of History, in our age & time? These are all questions for the Artist. They are the most important questions you should be asking yourself. If you do not believe that Artist, write history, you do not realize the power of the weapon you wield. I could just as well be a writer & hold the same power. The only difference is, Fine Art Paintings, from what I understand, are the highest priced commodities in the World. Not only that, but imagery, is more consequential than words. Traveling globally beyond language & the written word.


A war is going on. The price is your soul. Give yourself over to your passions & practice like hell. Where we are born defines for the most part what God we follow. I’m writing this from the United States. I was not born into a religious family. Though my father’s lineage is Cherokee (Native American). For Native Americans, I believe they have a Mother Earth approach to God. A spiritual essence tied to the land. God is found in their living with the land & spiritual ties to resources & nature. I admire this idea & use it to inspire my paintings.

I can only speak for myself. I, being no expert on religion. But I found God, as I can imagine others have. When something of great value was taken, without consent. This instance was thanks to Barak Obama, pulling $50,000 out of my pocket, over the period of 9 years, through insurance payments for my children. This may seem strange to some. But that was a turning point for me. When I saw the Devil, I found God. In later years, the introduction of Trump into the presidency only solidified my belief even stronger. There is a devil & God is the only solution.

The way that President Trump was treated in this Country & abroad, could only be carried out by the devil himself. All the devils’ minions showed their true colors, plain as day. I have never been the same ever since. Not to say that Trump is God or all good, but to say that no Man in a position of power should ever be treated with such ill respect. The people who carried out these attacks showed their true colors. Criminal, deceitful & hateful people. This to me proved that our system of Government is totally broken. Not to mention the fake media. There are no longer any real Men in control of this Country or the World for that matter. From what I can see. Again, I am no expert. These are only thoughts from an Artist. One who has only recently found God.

Along with the attacks on Trump, I witnessed for the first time in this Country a mandate of teaching people how to think. What is expected of everyone. Put on your mask & bend the knee. I do not abide by the devils’ games. I do not obey when others order me to. It only made me move closer to God. People (the devil) should know, speaking of God & religion, when you force people to do something, outside of their faith, will only make their faith & resolve that much stronger.

God-fearing to me means understanding the road map to life. Where one belongs & what makes you one with the Earth or universe. Inside your own soul & community. Able to use that passionate & well-earned time & resources you have provided yourself to enlighten not just you, but family & community. How other people define God & religion has nothing to do with your ability to be good to yourself. Teachings of a path, of right & wrong. How to eat well & do good by others. When you are brought up right, with the correct life etiquette. What difference does it make what religion you are when it is inherent? If you are naturally a God-fearing person, you do not need a specific label or sect to define you. You only need the will to carry out improvements, in first you & then the ones around you that you may affect.


The spirit world is ruled by individuals who have a keen foresight. Earth is ruled by the 5-Eyes. As a spiritual individual, you must be aware of your surroundings. Or you will end up as most Americans & Native Americans are in in this country today. As Africans are in Africa & America. Understand who you are. Why you are. What you are. Who are they, is the most important question. Find the correct resources & inspirations to guide you. Without the proper influence, it is painful to move ahead. Forward, may only be defined by you. What limits do you place upon your abilities & goals?

To see beyond oneself & into a third-eye realm. Not three-dimensional, but farther into an area where most tell you that you cannot go. Speaking about the indescribable sometimes. The Native American people falling to the settlers of this country were swept away like an obstacle. An original Man turned to zero. Yet their spiritual teachings still guide us, haunting the nature of this land. A people’s martyred that only constructs future generations with this eye open stronger. Ones who do not coincide with the teachings & beliefs of (let’s say) fiat currencies, property, & land ownership. Let’s see where that goes.

Theft, rape, & murder are not in the teachings of God. Carma, on the other hand, is a strong belief of mine. If, for example, the guillotine came back into fashion. I would have to say I would be pleased to be a spectator eating popcorn watching all the Worlds criminals of society, getting their justice. To have a third eye, you must dream bigly. I’d paint that unduly.

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