ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 1.


A blank canvas can be a new beginning. Yet it is at the same time the removal of the past. Zero-Man is our History removed. I see us disappearing. Man, that is, in America. The year is 2022. I live in South Carolina. Moved out of the 5 burrows of Manhattan & New Jersey several years ago to escape what I could only view as a mortal threat. The threat of lockdowns & checkpoints for an illusionary narrative. A hyped-up fake reality someone was attempting to put on me. Not knowing I don’t buy any of their bullshit they regularly sell to the masses. I took it upon myself to show NY the middle finger. Packed up the U-Haul truck & left the complacent sheep behind me. As well as my estranged family. My beliefs are my own. And when someone else tells me how to think & speak, we have a severe problem.

I have come to love the South. I would not know ½ of what I have learned in life without the contrast I’ve experienced in this move. Here is where I have balanced all the lies, the ones embedded in me all these years through training. Media, books, school, & the Hollywoodification of the cities. Information is published to divide. I tell people that if I came here (to the South) when I was 13 years old, I would be a millionaire by now. I am not exaggerating. To have a gun strapped to your waist, wear a Trump hat, say hell-no to mask-wearing, & be free to say & do whatever is in your hearts desires (within the Law), Is pure Country. Freedom like I have not had the pleasure to admire in my entire life. Freedom to breathe.

So, how that relates to painting? What are the ambitions of an Artist admiring a black canvas? Or a bystander? A blank canvas is a weapon to replace a psychologist with an Artist. The writers of History are ordained by the gatekeepers of the Matrix. Individuals must be purged from their system to contain proper restrictions for their crops. Developing your mind as an individual creator has profound consequences. Punishments akin to drawing outside the lines are not acceptable.

No need to think, someone will do that for you. You will program yourself or someone will oblige.

There is no wall like a blank wall. No page better than blank, Songs yet sung. It provides strength to make that lesson my own. It will not be blank for long. A bare canvas or page is nothing less than an invitation for me to make my mark.


There are no short cuts. No cutting corners. No footnotes or painting for dummies bringing you there. This book is for all disciplines, though here I’m focusing on painting. No master comes from self-study. Everyone learns from someone else. I encourage Artists to choose a school or mentor with an eye toward what creator you are attempting to emulate. I found foundational building blocks from my education that introduced me to unknown skills & techniques. These many disciplines no doubt formulated my overall destiny and practice. I was an odd egg at college. Never fitting into the pattern or box. But absorbing every little detail I would use to create my Art. Abnormal yet feeding my appetite for information and direction.

The reason I bring all this up is the most important lesson of all. What separates most Artists from true Maximalists, are the breaking of rules, you must first understand all the foundations. To write a novel you must know the craft of writing. To operate in space, you must acknowledge science & the transportation elements. Maximalism is no different. A master painter of the human form attains the skill level to define that form through pencil, ink, then paint. Step one is the academic principals. Now a Maximalist painter like Salvador Dali uses this understanding to then break the acquired rules & bend them to his will. This is the transformation to Maximalism. To be a computer hacker you need to know inside out of navigating a computer proficiently. How can a painter of blank Art be validated with any other title than cronyism, when their skill level of the craft reflects no resonance of their vision? No translation of their true nature? Zero definition is equivalent to no story. What is a painting but a window for others to see into your soul? An untrained hand has no quarter in reporting history.  Do not ever be fooled, Artists write History.

The disappearing of Man is no different than the erasing of subject inside a painting. The abstraction of the story until there is no story left to be told. The hiding of all knowledge until you are completely ignorant. Like taking a poisonous medicine without knowing the ingredients. It is completely absurd. 

Such is Abstract. A story with no meaning. A directive with no defined reason. Pure conjecture. Utter fantasy. Lessons we should all be wondering about in this day and age.


Our environment projects every justification for vacant people and empty Art. The fake news and media are the conduit for non-Art and the Zero-Man. Your talent and opinions are not needed. A blind Man can notice this.

We have all been trained to dismiss not just character, but virtue, and craftsmanship. Not long ago I enjoyed MTV as a teenager, which was structurally decimated in short order. Then replaced by hand-picked blank canvases. Now known as American Idol or America’s got talent. Their system cannot allow to acknowledge individuals control over the masses. To write History & influence the world. Those days are gone. That energy though is still needed by them.

We are so lost; they are presently using half our Worlds populations physical bodies as batteries for their experiment. Allowing our brains, unknowingly to be monitored archived & transmitted to benefit their AI. The goal is to replace you all with a robot. Disposing of you when their thesis is complete. A Blank canvas is a medium in which this is all allowed to happen. A look the other way story, is good enough for ½ of the people in this World, who would have thought? Yet false, without Man, logic, or human justification.  Though the honest ones would also say that not just talent & Man, but God must go as well.

2 responses to “ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Chapter 1.”

  1. Hey, Steve you seem stronger and determined; that’s a good outcome. Yet, to relate mentorship and learning from others/history as a way to go is such an achievement.
    It seems that you started 2023 inspired and productive. My congrats. Keep up the good work ethic.


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