ZERO-MAN: Maximalism Through Oil Painting. Introduction. Chapter 1.


In the beginning, there was no written word nor pictures to relay our story to the next generation. Writings and imagery were as abstract as love or beauty. An academic foundation of language came into being when that first images were etched in stone.

That image later described in written form. This writing, “ZERO-MAN: Maximalism through oil painting.” Which details a legacy of fine Art Painting in a particular function. A kind of advanced representationalism. Organized and structured, where most don’t see a formal format defined by this traditional order. An arrangement of lessons, and authentic design, are woven into the fabric of a Narrative. Just as every written history is defined in words & imagery.

Let’s begin this journey through a classical lens. Acknowledging some cultures shun imagery subordinate their Leader. For, imagery & written words are more powerful than all weapons known to Man. More dangerous than any religion practiced by humans. Once you understand this, then you see clearly; Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.  There is no accident, no random. There’s always a reason, a plan, & objective. All is God’s will. Or someone’s. The rest is up to you. As a spectator, citizen of the World, or robot to the machine.

The choice is yours. Every Man can create their own reality. Otherwise, reality will be created for you, without of question. These ideas are of a dying species. “Zero-Man” is an autonomous being that fights to understand his body, essence, and surroundings.

This book was not meant to be read like a novel. Rather a bible. Picked up & choose a desired or random location and absorb the contents. It is transcribed from stories, lessons, & experiences. From old wise Men, homeless, nomad and possessed. Taking notes from all forms of inspiration & experience. It comes to me like a magnet. I’ve been attracted to these powers since I was a child. Night terror shook my sleep. Dreams & paintings are one. Some memories are those of another World, or time. Captivating my instinct, foundation & forming lessons on the canvas, inside & out. I stand simply as an instrument, a lens, & not a simple one. A medium feeling the spirit, seeing, & sometimes communicating directly. A pleasure. A complicated existence. My paintings are from here & beyond. I hope these words explain properly. A deliberate attempt to illustrate this phenomenon. Even if I spend the entirety of my existence attempting to do so. Enjoy the ride. It took me decades to get this far.

Thanks for being a part of this read. For your attention & time. To be an Artist is the greatest of challenges. To be recognized as a successful Artist can only be accomplished by the viewer, the collector, the reader & reviewer. Only you have the power to give this the proper attention & make it real. I don’t exorcise my attention away from production. That was one of the most consequential decisions I ever made. To see clearly, I focus everything on paint. That is my will. My purpose. My path. I walk alone. To my destiny.

Words & images in Art can be instructive. Like stereo instructions for life. When formatted with human values, they become lessons. Means to better your path. While the Abstract derives from impracticality & emptiness. Most people fail to realize that Art is History. Signs & directions for society to follow. Thus, empty pages of history are silent with advice. Think of, “Build it & they will come”. This is useful information. A blank canvas has no data. Nothing to give you direction. Yet a sign saying “food & Art supplies this way”, with an arrow pointing the way has all the information you need in a sign. Those that fear written History & information also fear instructive Art.

I remember when my paintings were displayed in “The Shelter Gallery” on Haight Street, San Francisco, in 1994. An elderly gentleman was captivated by one of my large paintings titled “My eye”. A nearly 3-meter-tall acrylic on canvas. Turned, looked at me, & said, “your paintings are inherently violent”. “Humph”, I thought for a moment, replying “thank you”. I acknowledge my paintings create visceral feelings & profound emotions. As does a powerful song or novel.

What defines a successful Artist short of making his viewers react? Many viewers don’t realize that my imagery is not what’s inside me so much, as what surrounds us, our environment. A mere reflection of the World we live in. So, it’s not my paintings that are dark, but rather the World we have enabled to be created underneath our feet. I’ve always been blessed by my ability to see this. Not by accident. Proficiency through fierce training. Was always in my hands. From the beginning. A pencil, crayon, & paint to define reason. Perseverance through destruction. Obliterating every position, person, & obstacle in my path. It’s not a pretty row to hoe. Yet, a gift I’ve always embodied.

“Painting is the defiance of all reality, and so is stock market trading. Stock market trading: taking money which is so precious, like water, & somebody just gambles with it. Most people would think, is insane. Just like with painting: You take your time, which is so valuable. A lot of people would just imagine your just wasting that time when you’re painting. You have an expensive painting; you want to sell. Are the markets going to sell it? If you take 20 paintings out there, if you’re not selling, then you’ve got to take a loss, you’ve got to cut your prices, cut them in half even. Lower your price, double the production. You have to make up for it on the other end. You know, one way or another you just have to figure out how much money you need every day & produce it. That’s it. You know, that’s basically the way it works. A lot of people may listen to this & think that oh, I’m painting for money. I don’t paint for money. I paint for my life, & I need to make money off my painting, there is a big difference. You have to figure out what you want to do, & do it seriously to control your own reality, or someone’s going to control it for you.  That’s just the way it goes. If someone’s going to put a high price point on your painting. You think oh that’s great. When you could sell it for $500 & they could sell it for $2000; well, it’s not so great if you lose control & you don’t have the freedom to do what you want to do.” [Excerpt from the Documentary “The Impossible”].


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